Alternative Solution – Using a Hiab X800

A steel works client ordered a crane to lift some structural steel framing onto a building site at Thatcham, Berkshire.  Our client originally booked the crane with the belief the steel structural framing would be lowered into the worksite from above as there was no roof. However, on the day of delivery it became apparent the site agent had constructed a protective tin roof over the original open top worksite.  This meant an urgent alternative plan was required to avoid worksite delays.  So we at Terranova offered one in the form of our Volvo FH12 tractor with its amazing X800 Hiab crane and 135X Jib.  This specialised Hiab may not have the MRC of a dedicated mobile crane, however it does have an amazing radial reach of 28m without the need for an overhead cable to lower loads from above.  Working at a distance of 27m, we were able to lift the heavy steel framing structures perfectly into place within the now enclosed worksite.  The job took great coordination from our team over a half day period with both clients being happy and no change in the job schedule required.

Terranova's FH12 Hiab X800Crane fitting steel structural supports Long reach fitting of steel structural supports Hiab X800 long reach Long Reach of Hiab X800 & Jib Hiab X800 long extended boom

Photos by Reece (Slinger Banksman)