Contract Lifts – Book A Site Survey

An example of why Site Surveys are recommended.
An example of why Site Surveys are recommended.

A Site Survey is needed for all Contract Lifts

A Site Survey inspects the location and checks all the necessary requirements needed to get a lift completed successfully.  The information gathered is used to ensure the most suitable plant equipment is provided to successfully accomplish any essential project tasks required.  From a Site Survey, a Method Statement is created by Crane Consultant with years of experience and who is an expert in their field, this plan ensures compliance with Health and Safety laws (LORER 1998) associated with commercial lift operations.  This Method Statement will detail all the equipment required.  Not having a Site Survey completed may lead to inappropriate equipment being delivered, essential project milestones being missed and additional costs.

Booking a Contract Lift all but migrates the risk and responsibility away from you.  Your lift operation with be compliant to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LORER 1998, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974).  Within a Contract Lift, we provide all the necessary insurance to cover the complete lift operation. Outside a Contract Lift, all required insurance needs to be provided by you, for employers liability, equipment and load. We provide all the equipment and personnel your lift needs, if more equipment or personnel are required, we will provide it at no additional cost as long as the original lift parameters taken during the site survey have not changed.

Personnel supplied (as required):
Slinger Banksmen, Appointed Persons, Full traffic management team (with 2 way radios up to 6 way radios)

Equipment supplied (as required):
Cranes, Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Heavy Duty Matting, Man Baskets & Bosuns Chairs, Brickforks, Block Grabs, Rollover Skips, Concrete Skips, 15t – 50t Wire Bonds.

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