Terranova lifts the Windsor Belle

To keep the Windsor Belle in pristine condition, every few years she is taken out of the water and given a full overhaul.

This boat is truly an elegant piece of history.  Built in 1901 during Edwardian times, she is propelled by a direct drive from a triple expansion steam engine.  This makes her both highly efficient (for steam) and very quiet.  So quiet, some of her passengers have asked if she is electric powered!

The majestic Windsor Belle’s frame is made from the finest English Oak and surrounded by a sleek teak hull that weighs approximately 25 tonne.  Terranova was tasked with lifting this unique and precious vessel from the water ready for her friendly skipper Luke to keep her in the immaculate condition she deserves.  Using our Grove GMK4100L mobile crane with its 100 tonne MRC, we were able to successfully lift the Windsor Belle safely from its transporter.

We are very honoured to be trusted with lifting such a unique vessel.  If you would like to hire our services to unload or launch your valuable vessel, please contact us today to find out how we can help.

If you are interested in chartering Windsor Belle, please visit their website at https://www.windsorbelle.com/

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Windsor Belle Windsor Belle, lifting rig

Windsor Belle boat lift
Windsor Belle, mobile crane lift

Windsor Belle, boat lift