Demag AC1600 – UK’s heaviest lifting crane

In 1989 Terranova, under Mr Glover Snr, bought the first Demag AC1600 into the UK.  This super heavy lifting crane has a Maximum Rated Capacity of 500 tonne (1’300’000 lbs) and reach of 118m (387ft) high using its fixed fly jib (that’s over 1/10th of Km or 2m less than the legal flying height of drones) .  Even today it is still is an amazing piece of heavy lifting machinery.  Demag’s European Technical Specification

The video below was recorded in 1989 at a special ceremony host by Mr Glover Snr to celebrate this very special occasion in Terranova’s success story.  It included local politicians, famous 80s comedian Jimmy Jones, other celebrities and a big brass band! If you recognise anyone there not already named, please let us know via social media. #terranovacranes